Two unlikely friends find common ground through their unusual hobby.

All the while, a mismatched FBI team pursues them, because their hobby is serial killing.



Welcome to the home page for the new digital series, "Two Birds"! A brand new comedy series following two serial killers who become great friends but might just be too different to stay that way. It's like the Odd Couple with serial killers!

Based on the acclaimed short film, 46 Miles, Two Birds takes the relationship of the two killers to the next stage of their story. We learn about their hopes, dreams, pasts and what it's like to be a lonely killer in this f-ed up world. The FBI team looking for them is an "X-Files" like pair of investigators who get by on luck because they couldn't understand a real clue if it ran them over. But, somehow they get closer and closer to our killers following all the wrong leads while the killers get more and more out of control as they work together to perfect their craft.

Hilarious, disturbing, and surprising, Two Birds will take you on a fun ride!

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Brad Stabio - Producer/Director

Brad Stabio is a filmmaker who has been directing, shooting, editing and producing narrative and documentary films and videos for over 15 years. In recognition of his unique ability as a filmmaker, Brad has directed and edited various award winning television series and short films which have screened in film festivals, on television, and featured in special ‘Best Of’ shorts programs throughout the country. As producer and director, Brad created the Denver Actor Project, and ongoing film project which features Denver Actors in short films that have been featured in special programming at the Starz Denver Film Festival.In the broadcast world, Brad was the editor of SWAT Magazine TV, a gun training and tactics program that won several Telly awards and ran for two seasons. He has also edited programs for Universal Sports, Hunter Douglas, Atkins Diet, Jazz Alley TV, and Showtime. His award winning films include, ‘46 Miles’, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and was the Best Film winner at the 2010 Denver 48-Hour Film Project and runner up at the 48 Hour Film Project’s international competition in 2011. ‘Unfurnished’, winner of the 48 Hour Film Project Denver 2011. ‘Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo’, official selection of the Denver Starz Film Festival 2010. Hempmento, which screened at multiple film festivals throughout the country including the 2010 Denver Starz Film Festival. Additional award winners include ‘Aria Next Door’ and ‘Glass Reunion’, Best Film winners at the 2007 and 2008 Boulder Shoot-Out 24-Hour Film Festival.


Kirk Anderson - Producer/Writer

Kirk Anderson has been producing and writing short films for nearly 15 years. He founded the band Red Yak, which plagued Denver nightclubs for most of the 90s with their loud and inaccessible music. But improv comedy has made up most of Kirk's performing career. He has performed thousands of shows with Comedy Sports, Impulse Theater, Madcap Theater and was a founder and owner of Rattlebrain Theater. Lately, his creative energies have been focused on writing and producing short films. His talents as a performer and sketch comedy writer contributed to him becoming an award winning screenwriter and producer. He is a founding member of Cinema Geeks, a Denver film making collective that has won numerous awards and been featured in many festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.